Servicing espresso machines, grinders, and coffee brewers is something I have been working on a lot lately, and is something I've grown to enjoy just as much as being a barista and coffee roaster. As of right now, I charge $60 an hour for all service work, plus parts. Feel free to call me to have me stop by and check out your machine. 

Randy: 480.220.8779

As of right now I only work on commercial Semi-automatic espresso machine, most espresso grinders and most coffee brewers. The following I feel very comfortable working on and will probably have parts available for:

Nuova Simonelli, San Marco, La Marzocco, Astoria (including most other CMA brands), Slayer, La Spaziale, Rancilio, Victor Arduinom and Mazzer.

That being said, espresso machines are much like cars, in that they can share a lot of common parts so feel free to shoot me an email or call to see if I can help.