For Coffee shops and restaurants wanting to carry and serve Xanadu we offer many products and perks. 



Although I focus the most heavily on the best small holding coffees I can get, I also offer syrups, teas, service and a number of products for coffee shops. Feel free to look through my current catalog and call with any questions you have or if you want samples of anything. 


Toll Roasting:

For large scale roasting projects, toll roasting may be the way to go. We work together to pick the coffees you want to offer, your buy the coffee through my broker and then pay a flat fee to have it roasted and bagged. Good for anyone using 100+ lbs of coffee an order. 


Coffee Roasting Coop.

While not something I can currently run and operate. I have had this dream for many years now of a small roasting cooperative for local shops that want to roast their own coffee but aren't able to have and operate a roaster inside their retail location.  And while I cant say I have anything concrete to divulge just yet, I can comfortably say that right now I am closer than ever to being able to get something like this up and running. If anyone out there is interested and wants to help, I think Phoenix would be immensely benefited by something like this.