Hey everyone, thanks for your interested in Xanadu Coffee. If you are here, you probably tried our coffee at a local coffee house here in Phoenix, Az, you had my coffee through a subscription box, or you are related to me.  My name is Randy Denton and I am the owner/roaster at Xanadu coffee. I have been in the coffee business for 13 years now and started Xanadu Coffee 6 years ago. Having no clue how to roast coffee or to maintain a wholesale coffee business, it has been a long road, but my current company is a reflection of my life long passion for good coffee.  I love what I do, I love coffee, the story of coffee, I love the brewing process, the machines and the people behind coffee.  Feel free to look around, email me, ask questions, or find me on facebook. 

Xanadu Coffee is Currently:



Coffee Roaster, Machine Tech, and Bandana Wearer.


Accounts Manager, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth and Heart.



Supreme Master Ultimate Coffee Roaster. Also brings the chill.



Well… He’s my brother and a cold brew goblin, but he also does deliveries.

Our Story

Well, my story starts 13 years ago at a local coffee shop here in downtown Phoenix. I was the manager at the historic Willow House in downtown Phoenix for 4 years while attending ASU. Originally being hired by my friends and never even having tried coffee, I very quickly discovered my love for both the product and the craft  and jumped at the first chance to manage the coffee shop. Since then I have helped open 2 coffee cart business, co-owned a coffee shop for 4 years, have been roasting for 6 years, and have been doing machine maintenance for the past 2 years as well.

Xanadu currently focuses mostly on wholesale coffee roasting, however we also maintain a robust retail offering, mostly through our website, and offer espresso and coffee machine maintenance, repairs and refurbs.