THE TRAVELER: Single-Origin Series [Medium-Light]

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THE TRAVELER: Single-Origin Series [Medium-Light]


There are so many amazing coffees from around the world and, sadly,

we can't sell them all at the same time. This is our ingenious compromise. Just ask for the 'Rotating Single Origin' and we will drop off a different single origin every week. Expect nice microlots from regions like: Ethiopia, DR Congo, Peru, Panama, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, etc..

For this month we are serving up a washed Ethiopian Guji:

This is a grade 1 coffee from Wolichu Wachu in the Uraga District, Oromia. The washing station works alongside 4500 smallholders in the area, who farm small parcels of prime coffee growing territory, an average of half a hectare. Well drainage fertile clay soils, yearly rainfall levels of 1500 - 2000mm and soaring altitudes of up to 2300 masl all contribute to Wolichu Wachu's output and profile. Unusual for Ethiopia, around 90% of coffee delivered to Wolichu Wachu for processing is Bourbon. Picking season is from January to end of February. 
Established in 2017, Wolichu Wachu produce both fully washed and natural process coffees. The new infrastructure has been designed and built to limit the use of water pumps and to work with maximum efficiency. The process for washed coffees involves meticulous sorting, followed by screening and floating, which is incorporated by the station's state of the art depulper, which sorts lights and floaters into different tanks after it has removed the pulp from the cherry. After this, the coffee is soaked in clean water in tanks for between 36 and 72 hours. Water is sourced from spring water. 
Next, the coffee is pushed through grading channels to clean and sort the coffee by density, before the top qualities undergo a further soaking period of between 8 -12 hours. 
Drying at Wolichu Wachu is done in the lower field at the station. Pre-drying on separate tables is done to remove excess water from soaking, and additional sorting is carried out. After a day, it is then moved to raised beds where it is turned and dried for approximately 12 days.

Bag Size: 12 oz

Processing: Washed

Roast: Medium-Light

Roasters Note: So… I do love me nice, fruity, balanced Guji and this one is the reason why. In fact, I was at Driftwood Coffee just last week and had some cold brew they had made with this coffee and I literally thought I was drinking the left over peach juice from a can of peaches. It’s really clean and bursting with juicy fruit flavors. It is a washed coffee so nothing over the top, just balance acidity and sweetness for days.



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