OLD WORLD: Traditional Espresso Blend [Medium-Dark]


OLD WORLD: Traditional Espresso Blend [Medium-Dark]


A classic 3-bean blend approach where crema, balance, and sweetness were our ultimate goals. Pulled from the roaster right around the onset of 2nd crack allows for a really nice caramelization of the organic compounds in the beans. Expect a smooth shot of espresso with prominent citrus and chocolate notes. Great for milk based drinks.

Current Blend:

  • 50% - Brazil Minas Gerais

  • 25% - East Timor Aifu FW - Wet Hulled

  • 25% - Colmbia Dulima Supremo

Bag Size: 12 oz

Processing: Mixed

Roast: [Medium-Dark]

Roaster’s Note: This Brazil and Colombian, specifically, were instrumental in tying our company to Olam Specialty Coffee Imports. Both coffees come out of their coffee project programs where they invest in farms and processing stations to help ensure consistency and quality from year to year. From there is was an easy decision to add in the East Timor for balance and body. I’m sure somewhere out there, Kenneth Davis, is very pleased with us for this guy.

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