Just updating the ole' Website

So… things have been going well and I feel we have plenty of news so lets just list them all off:

  • Spent 4 days in Boston as part of the SCA Expo. Attached some pics and had a great time. These events can be really overwhelming but I feel good about the amount we accomplished. Went to a handful of free lectures and spent a lot of time talking to potential suppliers, importers, machine techs, etc… Next year is in Portland and I would highly recommend it for anyone in the coffee industry. If you volunteer at the expo, tickets are free!!!

  • Over the past 6 months we have added two positions to our team, a coffee roaster and delivery driver. I added them to our ‘about’ section and couldn’t be happier to have them on board.

  • We are making a few changes to our coffee selection system both on the wholesale side as well as retail. You may notice the coffee selection have changed. All the names and information is up to date, we are just waiting on some art and new bags before we update the pics. Essentially, we have decided to go in a direction that showcases the blends we have painstakingly developed for our clients, while continuing offering some of the fun, nuanced coffees we also like to offer.

  • We are still working on things behind the scene. We promise more exciting things are coming !!! :-)