Had a chance to stop by one of downtown Phoenix's newest shops, Futuro, last week. Futuro is located at 909 N 1st St, just south of Roosevelt. From what I can tell, the shop is owned by the owner of the hair salon, but was set up and is managed by Bill Kennedy, a former Cartel employee for years.

When you first walk into Futuro, you immediately notice how clean and stripped down the shop is. It's almost feels like you walked into a apple store, only it smells alot better. The menu is very limited and simple, but has a few local-inspired drinks as well.

I ordered a simple double shot of espresso and the person I was with ordered a hot mocha. The barista spent about 10 minutes on my espresso but  I noticed she had to adjust the grind twice and was weighing out every single shot so I was happy to wait. 

Before I get to the drink itself, they have a very nice equipment setup. They use a newer Fetco I've never seen before (I noticed it had an LED display for programming) as well as Mahlkonig grinders and a Marzocco Linea  espresso machine. They also use 44th Parallel out of Vancouver BC. Super jealous lol.

As for my shot of espresso, it was very nice. I'll probably get to it on my other blogs, but it was definitely comparable to the shots I've had recently at Ocotillo (Sightglass coffee) or from Be Coffee (Huckleberry Roasters). It was bright but very well balanced. The mocha my friend got was also very good, not sweet at all like you would expect, but more of a bakers chocolate flavor profile. The prices for all the drinks I thought were a bit high but I think they are pretty much the new norm for 3rd wave shops.