Nitro Coffee

We are proud to announce our first nitro coffee project has finally come to fruition. The folks at Refuge Coffee, here in downtown Phoenix have kindly allowed us to take over one of their beer taps to bring you fresh, fully nitrogenated cold brew coffee. 

The Refuge is not only a locally owned coffee shop that serves up great coffee, wine, beer and delicious food but they were opened in partnership with the Catholic Charities here in Phoenix, where all proceeds from the shop go back to the Catholic Charities. And if that weren't enough, they also employ and work with veterans to help integrate them back into a normal working routine as part of their core mission statement.

I can't recommend this shop enough, Please check it out if you get the chance.

For anyone curious about my Nitro coffee, I have recently begun to use a Nicaraguan Jinotega Single Estate bean. It has very nice acidity balance and a clean profile, which I always like for my cold brews. I roast the coffee, let it degass for 24 hours, grind it and brew it in the cold brew fashion for 24 hours, then extract the coffee, infuse it with 100% nitrogen (no beer gas mixture) for another 24 hours and then finally it is ready to drink!